Abbey PottersonEdit

Abbey Potterson is a minor, important character. She is the owner of the Six Jolly Fellowship Porters, a cozy bar by the Thames that all the blue collar characters on that side of town frequent after their shifts. Abbey is frequently described as a "schoolmistress," for her word is law in the Fellowship, and she is usually bartending, giving orders, and regulating who has what and when it's time to leave. All the male customers of the Fellowship harbor deepseated respect for Abbey, and they listen to her kindly and politely when she tells them they've had enough and need to be back home to their families.

She is depicted as a very level-headed character, who at one point offers Lizzie Hexam a pathway to a more respectable life out from under the clutches of her father. But Lizzie respectfully declines, and in her damaged pride, Abbey bans Gaffer and Riderhood from her bar. Once Rokesmith secretly clears Gaffer's name, Abbey apologizes sincerely for her earlier treatment of the man and his daughter.

Chapter IEdit