Wife of Mr. Longstaffe

Mother of Dolly Longstaffe, Georgiana Longstaffe , and Sophia Longstaffe

Chapter XVEdit

“In the course of the evening there came a note, -- or rather a bundle of notes, -- from Caversham. That addressed to Roger was in the form of a letter. Lady Pomona was sorry to say that the Longestaffe party were prevented from having the pleasure of dining at Carbury Hall by the fact that they had a house full of guests. Lady Pomona hoped that Mr. Carbury and his relatives, who, Lady Pomona heard, were with him at the Hall, would do the Longestaffes the pleasure of dining at Caversham either on the Monday or Tuesday following, as might best suit the Carbury plans. That was the purport of Lady Pomona ’s letter to Roger Carbury . Then there were cards of invitation for Lady Carbury and her daughter, and also for Sir Felix . Roger , as he read his own note, handed the others over to Lady Carbury , and then asked her what she would wish to have done” (127). #Letters #Proximity

Chapter XXIEdit

After Georgiana agrees to stay with the Melmottes, “Lady Pomona informed Mr. Longestaffe that Mr. Melmotte’s invitation was to be accepted. She herself would write a line to Madame Melmotte , and Georgiana would go up on the Friday following” (178). #Letters #Proximity